Lesson 95 of personal finance

When it comes to me buying a car there are a few priorities. My main priorities would be safety: I would want a car that is safe especially as a teenager being new to driving. I would like there to be safety features within the car and a strong frame. Reliability: The car that I get in my teen years is the car that I am going to have for a while.during my ten and early 20 years I am going to be getting a job and saving money and won’t have money to get a car for a few years so I will want a strong, reliable car. Affordable: when I get my first car it won’t be a really expensive car like a Porsche or Mercedes, it will be a cheaper, more affordable car. I don’t think it would be important to get the best most important car as my first car. As though I am a teenager I won’t be driving across the country all the time or going to a long distance location for work so owning a car with an amazing fuel economy would be great, it isn’t a high priority. At some point in my life this might change but for the next few years it isn’t really important. The greatest importance for me is a  safe, affordable, durable car.

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