Week 3 of Architecture

This week I learned about landscape design. A few principles in designing your landscape are balance, rhythm, and emphasis. Emphasis adds force and intensity. To stop repetition and make your landscape interesting add at regular intervals.balance can make your landscape formal or informal you can have a symmetrical or an asymmetrical. If you have aContinue reading “Week 3 of Architecture”

Week 2 of Architecture

This week we talked about landscape architecture. There are 3 principles of great architecture, durability, utility and aesthetic quality. Before 1850 most of the landscape was palaces, monasteries and government buildings. Then in 1850-1950 most landscape projects were cemeteries, parks, and suburbs. And from 1950-now most landscapes are malls, office buildings and suburbs. Landscape developersContinue reading “Week 2 of Architecture”

Week 1 of Architecture

This week I learned about what is architecture. The word architect means chief builder. Architecture is the art and science of planning and building buildings. Landscape architecture is building outside environments. Planning, designing and building takes a lot of hard work. You are considered a architect if you build a building, a park, or evenContinue reading “Week 1 of Architecture”

Week 6 of weather

This is my last week of weather and I will be starting landscape architecture.This week I learned about how meteorologists forecast weather.  Meteorologists use many tools to help them forecast weather such as a barometer. A barometer measures air pressure using mercury. There are 3 types of barometer a liquid barometer, a mercury barometer andContinue reading “Week 6 of weather”