Garden Science Week 3

This week I had 2 projects. The first project was a self-watering potted plant. The second project is a water garden.

Things you have to consider with your soil is that your soil must contain organic matter to provide minerals for all of your plants.The pH level is very important for your plant’s, a good soil pH level is about 6-6.5.

A couple things to remember when composting is to always keep your compost pile moist during warmer months, and then flip the compost every once in-awhile.  

Essay lesson 10: Earth Materials

Earth is made up of rocks and rocks are made from minerals. Those minerals are made up of elements. Some of these minerals have two or more elements but some minerals only have one.


 Minerals must naturally occur; it has to be earth made to be a mineral. They are not real if a scientist makes it. Minerals are inorganic which means they are dead. Minerals are crystalline  which means their atoms are formed together to make a 3D form. Minerals are solid which means they stay stable at room temperature. Many minerals have only two elements like salt .


Mining  can be very dangerous like in 2010  lots of people got stuck in a mine but they all got out safely . There are three different mining methods: the first is underground mining.underground mining when they mine precious metals like gold ,silver and platinum. underground mining is very expensive so they have to get great value. Surface mining is the second major type of mining; it is less expensive and often base metals and minerals can be extracted from the surface. The third is placer mining often metals can be separated from sediment in rivers  or streams .There is a tool called the slooce trap that saves valuable  material and separates it from sediment .

Lesson 135 of science

Chemistry week 3

An Ion.

Atoms tend to stick to each other. This is a good thing because if they just existed separate from each other we would not have compounds such as water. Most elements on the periodic table are compounds of chemically bonded elements. The ionic bond is one of the most common bonds. Ions are charged particles. A cation (CAT-ion) is a positively charged particle. An anion is a negatively charged particle.ionic bonds are taken place between metal and nonmetal particles. Ionic compounds are formed by the transfer of electrons. An example of an ionic compound is (Na+ Cl-). Na or sodium is a metal ion and a positively charged particle, a cation. Cl or chlorine is a nonmetal ion and is negatively charged, an anion. These ionic compounds once they are together make a solid compound. Ionic compounds are not a group of molecules, they are a ratio of ions.

Lesson 105 of personal finance

There are a few different pros and cons when buying a car that was built 30-40 years ago. 

One of the pros is its manifold. Cars that are built today have a plastic manifold. Plastic manifolds deteriorate very fast. Most plastic manifolds will crumble and fall apart after 20 years. And if you have a car from now in twenty years it will be very hard and almost impossible to maintain. Cars from thirty to forty years ago are mostly made with an aluminum or cast iron manifold. Aluminum and cast iron manifolds are very strong and deteriorate at a slower pace. Both aluminum and cast iron manifolds, when well kept, can be maintained for longer than a lifetime. While the manifolds from many years ago are safer and stronger, the ones from now are lighter, meaning better gas mileage.

 Another pro is the headlights. Headlights made now are plastic. These plastic headlights are only good for a few years. After even two to five years these headlight caps will be very fogged and stained. When caught early you can remove the stain but this rarely happens. Headlight caps from years ago are more glass. Making it clever at night when you use them. However, Most lights that are made now are LED lights which make it easier to see at night. Led lights are brighter and better then the lights they used many years ago. Even though the lights they used back then are darker and heavier both the light and the headlight are a lot cheaper.

Lesson 100 of personal finance

In the last essay I talked about the essentials when getting a car. These priorities are quality, safety, and affordability. The car that I think would be a good car is a jeep Rubicon. The jeep has a very strong and very durable frame. The jeep is one of the best cars to have in a possible car accident. The quality of the jeep is very good and when kept well can be in good condition for decades. The jeep that I would get is a used jeep. A new jeep is around $40,000-$60,000. A used jeep is about $20,000-$40,000.  For affordability purposes and because this would be my first I think a used car would be better. If I was to rent the car it would be about 450 a month if I was to  buy a used one. All in all I think that the jeep would be the best for all of my priorities

Lesson 115 of science

Black holes

Black holes are real phenomena in our universe according to black-holes. Black holes are so strong that not even light can escape them. Before Einstein, physicists believed that gravity is a strong force that pulls objects through space to a bigger object such as earth.gravity was thought to work with an external force; like wind. Einstein supposed that gravity is not forced nor forces other objects towards each other but instead bends time and space bringing things together. Bending time and space means that gravity imparts a sort of velocity to an open and empty space and matter kinda just goes along with it. The difference between dark stars and black holes is that the actual mass of a black hole has no size at all. The gravity for a black hole is so strong that it gets crushed into something called a singularity. The most common way people find black holes is to see the stars orbiting around it. We are unable to see black holes because they are invisible so the easiest way to see them is dark stars. Meaning two stars that orbit around each other. So when astronomers see a star orbiting with an invisible companion that could mean that it is a black hole.

Lesson 125 of science

First week in chemistry

This week I learned the basics of chemistry. Chemistry is basically the composition of matter and what happens when it experiences change.  The elements are the most basic types of properties. The first forms of matter we learned about were silicon and gold. These are what you call pure substances. They have both unique chemical and physical properties and atoms. What makes these elements so unique is the amount of protons there are in them. There are one hundred eighteen elements. Ninety eight of them are natural and twenty eight of them are artificial. Molecules are two or more atoms that are chemically bonded together. Carbon 12 is the atomic mass standard; it contains six protons and six neutrons. Carbon 12 contains 12 atomic mass units.

Lesson 95 of personal finance

When it comes to me buying a car there are a few priorities. My main priorities would be safety: I would want a car that is safe especially as a teenager being new to driving. I would like there to be safety features within the car and a strong frame. Reliability: The car that I get in my teen years is the car that I am going to have for a while.during my ten and early 20 years I am going to be getting a job and saving money and won’t have money to get a car for a few years so I will want a strong, reliable car. Affordable: when I get my first car it won’t be a really expensive car like a Porsche or Mercedes, it will be a cheaper, more affordable car. I don’t think it would be important to get the best most important car as my first car. As though I am a teenager I won’t be driving across the country all the time or going to a long distance location for work so owning a car with an amazing fuel economy would be great, it isn’t a high priority. At some point in my life this might change but for the next few years it isn’t really important. The greatest importance for me is a  safe, affordable, durable car.

Lesson 90 of personal finance

This week of personal finance I learned all about taxes and how to file them in America. There are three ways to file taxes:

  1. By hand
  2. Online service
  3. Have a professional do it for you 

For myself I feel that a tax preparer would be the best option. Especially after seeing what tax forms look like. When I comes for me to do taxes I will most likely be clueless. Having someone who knows what they are doing and are good at what there are doing would be the best option for me. Being a young adult at that time I feel it would be better to put my trust in someone else who knows what to do and how to do it the best it can be done. Maybe as I become older I will have more trust in myself to do it myself. I do feel it would be more safe and secure to do it by myself but for at least in the beginning I will be most likely using a professional. In America, unlike other countries tax comes out of everyone’s paycheck. Those with the lowest income are the most vulnerable and effected when it comes to this mandatory tax withholding. These are the people who receive a refund for there being too much tax withheld from their paycheck. When they go and pledge their tax refund to the company that did their taxes or a pawn broker they receive this cash but it tends to be very high in interest. I would personally stay away from tax advances

Lesson 85 of personal finance


*all personal information is generalized



Phone number



My objective is to provide this company with good customer 

service and a helpful staff hand


Kindergarten – 4th grade public school

5th grade – highschool

Expected to graduate: 2027

Work Experence

Child care

Babysitting for family 


  • Can operate a word press account confidently
  • Punctual
  • Great working with others and alone

Lesson 110 of science

Blue stars

All stars come in a wide range of temperature, color and size. Based on the current understanding of the nuclear “furnace” that heats each star, every star should burn out at some point. Only the red dwarfs have enough fuel to burn for 13 billion years, while most will burn out sooner. Blue stars shine so bright they burn up in about a few million years but they are still everywhere just as they were when they were created. Blue stars have lots of fuel but are so hot that they use it up really fast. Some of the hottest blue stars could only last a few million years. These stars are said to be formed by either starburst which are stars formed by an explosive star formation in the early universe. Or condensing gas clouds. Astronomers found a large amount of gas in the arms of our galaxy. This gas has the same ingredients as a star;hydrogen. The dust and gas are very clumpy and have a wide range in density. The more of those dense clumps contract the have all the properties to make and build a star.

Lesson 80 of personal finance

Business form

In the last post I wrote out a business plan about an etsy shop. In this lesson I am to write out a business form. My business form of work will be a sole proprietorship. Meaning i will be running the company while working people. I won’t be having employees or anyone to run the company. Using the website from the last post I can find some digital art work. Then, I will edit the size proportions, colors, and filters. Doing this will help make the artwork my own. After that I will download the art work and upload it on to etsy for it to be bought. Using this website I will also be able to upload my own pictures, artwork and images. I won’t need any financial help doing this small business because the website I will be using is free. All I need to do is to sign up. I don’t have to pay for an account on etsy. For marketing I will be using apps such as instagram, pinterest, and facebook.