Garden Science Week 3

This week I had 2 projects. The first project was a self-watering potted plant. The second project is a water garden.

Things you have to consider with your soil is that your soil must contain organic matter to provide minerals for all of your plants.The pH level is very important for your plant’s, a good soil pH level is about 6-6.5.

A couple things to remember when composting is to always keep your compost pile moist during warmer months, and then flip the compost every once in-awhile.  

Essay lesson 10: Earth Materials

Earth is made up of rocks and rocks are made from minerals. Those minerals are made up of elements. Some of these minerals have two or more elements but some minerals only have one.


 Minerals must naturally occur; it has to be earth made to be a mineral. They are not real if a scientist makes it. Minerals are inorganic which means they are dead. Minerals are crystalline  which means their atoms are formed together to make a 3D form. Minerals are solid which means they stay stable at room temperature. Many minerals have only two elements like salt .


Mining  can be very dangerous like in 2010  lots of people got stuck in a mine but they all got out safely . There are three different mining methods: the first is underground mining.underground mining when they mine precious metals like gold ,silver and platinum. underground mining is very expensive so they have to get great value. Surface mining is the second major type of mining; it is less expensive and often base metals and minerals can be extracted from the surface. The third is placer mining often metals can be separated from sediment in rivers  or streams .There is a tool called the slooce trap that saves valuable  material and separates it from sediment .

Lesson 85 of science

In this week of science I learned more about water safety. There are different types of entry and approach ways of getting to the drowning victim; Beach, ease-in, leaping, feet first. When using a beach entry there is a sandy gradual slope when entering the water. You will want to start swimming once running gets too hard and throw first aid ahead if it will not float away. The ease-in method is used for more river-type waters. With this type of entry there will be more rocks, steep slopes, and murky water. You’ll want to wade through the water and watch for currents, drop-offs, and current changes. Once waters are at waist, swim the rest of the way. When using the leap in entry you will want to do this off of something like a dock or boat. When leaping in don’t jump higher than 3 feet. You’ll want the water to be at least 5 feet deep. The feet first entry is similar to the leaping one but when jumping you go to a sit-like position. When approaching your victim you must keep track of where they are and instruct them on what you need them to do. Once you’re about 8 feet away you will want to reevaluate what you need to do to keep the victim safe. Once you get the victim you. Will do one of two things: drag them up the shore or lift them up the shore. Dragging is more for sandy beach like shores. Lifting is for more rocky like shores

Lesson 80 of science

In this week of science we talked about the safety of being in the water and helping those who need help in the water. When helping other in the water you frost need to make sure you are perpared. Do you have the abilities to handle your self under water? Do you have a life jacket for yourself? Can you successfully drive a boat or a water raft? When preparing your self for these types of thing you must know that your safety is also important.cold water drains your strength. f the water is cold you will want to make sure you have a wet suit or at least a few layer of clothes, preferably wool. Make sure that if you are using a boat it has the right equipment. Does is contain life jackets or ropes? First-aid kit, flashlight, food, maps, extra clothing? When out on a boat you will want the boat to be organized, clear, and easy to get around.

Lesson 45 of personal finance

For this lesson we are to research and find a personal finance website that we think will help us the best. I feel as though will be the best option for me. Mint allows me to use only one app instead of having to use multiple apps for multiple purposes including cash, credit, loans, and investments. Mint keeps track of all my subscriptions and will notify me if or when those subscriptions may increase, cancel, or change in price. It also has a customizable feature allowing me to create my own budgets and having them be the way I will need them to be. When customizing your own budgets Mint will automatically categorize your budgets together.mints easy categorizing system allows you to move freely across the app with easy  Mint finds and gives you different ways to save on certain budgets. It helps you make payments early and lets you know if you are late on anything. To insure your safety a 4 digit code is needed to check your account along with person verification systems. With the free credit score i can easily check my credit score freely within the app.

Lesson 75 of science

In this week of science, I learned about swimming defense and how to stay safe in the water. Most people drown because of lack of supervision and not having a parent or life guard present. Also, while drinking and driving a boat or not having a flotation device on. When finding a place to swim look for places that aren’t merky because there may be sharp objects in the water. When swimming make sure you notice the way the water is moving and if there is a current. Some currents are under the water and are hard to see.

Lesson 70 of science

In this week of science I learned more about SAR. Once the missing person is found then the SAR team is responsible for making sure that the person makes it back to where they are supposed to be. Once the person who needed rescue made it back home then you will want to replace and restock any equipment that may have gotten damaged or destroyed in the search.

 The order of operations to rescue are:

Locate the subject

Access the subject

Stabilizes the subject

Transport the subject

 The first priority once you find the person or people you are looking for is to treat any life threatening or serious injuries. Then help with any smaller injuries afterwards.

Lesson 65 of science

In this week of science we learned about SAR (Search and Rescue) operations and tactics. When being part of the search and rescue team your attitude is very important. SAR can be very hard on your mental health. When part of SAR you could possibly be in rough weather and you’re always carrying heavy equipment. You are always looking for clues to help find that person or people you are looking for. It is both mentaly and  physically exhausting. Patience is a big key in SAR operations. It will take some time to find what you are looking for. You need to be tough and keep a positive mental attitude. There are a few different types of clues there are physical clues such as footprints. Documentary clues such as places that person might have checked into such as different parks. Testimonial clues such as witnesses. Event clubs such as flashlights, a whistle or location aids and analytical clues such as clues the searcher knows about the person you’re searching. It’s important to take notes and document the things you have seen or noticed. When searching first look in  areas the person will most likely be such as roads, trails, buildings, or cabins. 

Lesson 25 of personal finance

This week we talked about the morality of wealth. Wealth and money are not evil like the saying “Money is the root of all evil” which is a rewrite of a bible verse “The love of money is the root of all evil”.It is the intention for what that money will be used for which will make money evil or not. Wealth can be used both very badly and very well but it by itself is neither bad nor good. Wealth isn’t just about having lots of money, it can also be a mutual exchange between two people. If one person has a book that you really want and you have something that the other person wants then you can switch. The popularity of people is 10 times greater than it was a long time ago. All people are in a higher standard of living than people were a while ago. When looking at old pictures of people a long time ago you will see that not everyone had a very wealthy life and most lived in extreme poverty. And the work that they did was better than what they had a long time before that. There will never be enough of everything for everyone.

Lesson 20 of personal finance

This week we talked about ways to keep you from being distracted when doing something important and to use time better. When working on something, put your phone on silent or use something to filter your texts so it only comes through from people who are very important. Keep your phone at a distance so that you can’t see it light up. When writing make sure you are using good grammar and complete sentences. Write thing in hardcopy.

Lesson 50 of science

In this lesson i have to answer a practice scenario


You are getting ready to leave after camping with friends at Ausable Chasm Campground. It is a sunny fall morning with expected afternoon showers. Temperature is expected to drop to 50 degrees during the night. Suddenly a woman comes up to your camp area inquiring about her 6-year-old daughter. She explains that her daughter (Jane) went missing about 10 minutes ago. The girl ran off into the woods with her dog. 

The terrain is rocky and bushy. The girl has black hair, a blue shirt, and blue jeans. The dog is a golden retriever (Silver). Your camp leader says he will contact the camp authorities. In the meantime, he asks you and three of your friends to conduct a hasty search in the area the girl went missing. You need to inform other campers of the missing girl’s name and description. If she is found, she must be brought back to your campsite. Otherwise everyone must return to the campsite in 30 minutes to go over a new plan.

Everyone must call her name and the dog’s name and listen for a response. Look for clues.

  • What do you need for the first 30 minutes?

I need search the forests and call the girl and dogs name while looking for a blue shirt and blue jeans and anything blonde colored

  • What clothing and equipment do you need for a longer search later if she is not found? Think through your clothing, shoes, and ready pack items. Also the weather, terrain, and possible needs of the subject.
  • Wool clothing
  • other layers of clothing
  • Comfortable shoes to walk in
  • First aid kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tarp
  • Tent
  • Fire starters
  • Coat
  • Flashlight