Lesson 45 of Science

In the event that I were to build a robot, I would build it so that it could help me with chores. First I would start off with photocell resistors which will help the robot notice change in the environment. The robot will either turn or hold something or even stop, depending on how you want it to react. The senses are like the senses of a human being: sight, smell, taste, and hearing. I would also use proximity sensors which will help the robot to not run in to things such as the wall or a counter. There are 2 types of proximity sensors:

  • Near object detection, which means your robot can see objects up to a distance of about 10 feet away
  • Far object detection, which is when the robot can see beyond its primary field of vision

Additionally, there are seeing sensors, also referred to as light-dependent sensors. This type of sensor is dependent on light to function.

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