Conservation week 6

This week is my last week doing conservation i will be starting meteorology  In this section of science I learned that only 2.5% of the earth’s water is freshwater. 70%of freshwater is groundwater and 1% is surface fresh water demands increase, groundwater decreases. Pumping groundwater and severe droughts affect the aquifer water levels. DesalinationContinue reading “Conservation week 6”

Week 4 Conservation

This week I learned about soil erosion signs and consequences. Some soil erosion signs are: Muddy rivers Rilles,channels and gullies Caved in slops and stream banks Soil conversion is used to limit the amount of surface runoff.There are a lot of ways to conserve soil like contour plants. Contour planting is when farmers plow theContinue reading “Week 4 Conservation”

Week 1 of Conservation Science

This week we talked about preserve vs. conserve. Conservation means to manage the animals and plants. Preservation means to not take or hurt anything from animals and plants.  Personally, I am not biased towards either of them but, I feel strongly that we need both. On one hand I understand population control and on theContinue reading “Week 1 of Conservation Science”

Week 5 of Garden Science

Mulching is important when growing a garden some mulching benefits are: Keeps soil warm in winter and cool in sun Attracts worms and other other beneficial insects Minimize soggy soil Keeps soil moist Limits the amount of weeds Some bugs are good while others are harmful to plants. Chewing bugs are types of harmful bugsContinue reading “Week 5 of Garden Science”