Lesson 135 of science

Chemistry week 3

An Ion.

Atoms tend to stick to each other. This is a good thing because if they just existed separate from each other we would not have compounds such as water. Most elements on the periodic table are compounds of chemically bonded elements. The ionic bond is one of the most common bonds. Ions are charged particles. A cation (CAT-ion) is a positively charged particle. An anion is a negatively charged particle.ionic bonds are taken place between metal and nonmetal particles. Ionic compounds are formed by the transfer of electrons. An example of an ionic compound is (Na+ Cl-). Na or sodium is a metal ion and a positively charged particle, a cation. Cl or chlorine is a nonmetal ion and is negatively charged, an anion. These ionic compounds once they are together make a solid compound. Ionic compounds are not a group of molecules, they are a ratio of ions.

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