Lesson 100 of personal finance

In the last essay I talked about the essentials when getting a car. These priorities are quality, safety, and affordability. The car that I think would be a good car is a jeep Rubicon. The jeep has a very strong and very durable frame. The jeep is one of the best cars to have in a possible car accident. The quality of the jeep is very good and when kept well can be in good condition for decades. The jeep that I would get is a used jeep. A new jeep is around $40,000-$60,000. A used jeep is about $20,000-$40,000.  For affordability purposes and because this would be my first I think a used car would be better. If I was to rent the car it would be about 450 a month if I was to  buy a used one. All in all I think that the jeep would be the best for all of my priorities

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