Lesson 80 of personal finance

Business form

In the last post I wrote out a business plan about an etsy shop. In this lesson I am to write out a business form. My business form of work will be a sole proprietorship. Meaning i will be running the company while working people. I won’t be having employees or anyone to run the company. Using the website from the last post I can find some digital art work. Then, I will edit the size proportions, colors, and filters. Doing this will help make the artwork my own. After that I will download the art work and upload it on to etsy for it to be bought. Using this website I will also be able to upload my own pictures, artwork and images. I won’t need any financial help doing this small business because the website I will be using is free. All I need to do is to sign up. I don’t have to pay for an account on etsy. For marketing I will be using apps such as instagram, pinterest, and facebook.

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