Lesson 110 of science

Blue stars

All stars come in a wide range of temperature, color and size. Based on the current understanding of the nuclear “furnace” that heats each star, every star should burn out at some point. Only the red dwarfs have enough fuel to burn for 13 billion years, while most will burn out sooner. Blue stars shine so bright they burn up in about a few million years but they are still everywhere just as they were when they were created. Blue stars have lots of fuel but are so hot that they use it up really fast. Some of the hottest blue stars could only last a few million years. These stars are said to be formed by either starburst which are stars formed by an explosive star formation in the early universe. Or condensing gas clouds. Astronomers found a large amount of gas in the arms of our galaxy. This gas has the same ingredients as a star;hydrogen. The dust and gas are very clumpy and have a wide range in density. The more of those dense clumps contract the have all the properties to make and build a star.

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