Business plan

I believe a digital art shop on Etsy would be the best option for a small business. My products will be used in various different ways such as wall decor, clothes, wedding decor , posters, etc. The products can be bought as themselves or with a little extra cost be customized. Our target customers are those who are creative and need different designs which is the normal customer audience on etsy. Many other digital art company owners on Etsy have made very profitable business.
This company will be made possible using the website. Using this website I will be able to find, create and edit these designs I will be selling. This company will be owned, managed and run by me.
Instagram and pinterest will be my main sources of marketing but other social media apps like facebook, youtube, and tiktok will also be good places to market.
This etsy shop is one of the best ways for me to have a small business as a teenager because I don’t have to pay for the products, accounts, or shipping like you would have to for physical products or small businesses. It’s all online and easy to use.

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