Lesson 70 of personal finance

Paige Mycoskie

Paige Mycoskie is the founder and creative visionary of Aviator Nation. Paige was born in Arlington, Texas by her parents Pam and Mike mycoskie. She attended Arlington martin high school and went to Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of journalism. After graduating Paige moved to south carolina to begin working with shape magazine. She focused on freelance photography, video, graphic design and commercials including TOMS shoes, the company her older brother owns. She became a buyers assistant in Venice, CA. With her passion for entrepreneurship she decided to make her own clothing brand; sewing, dyeing, and designing each piece of clothing herself. In 2006 her 70s style clothing brand, Aviator Nation, was established with the focus to create quality american clothing. Today Aviator Nation has a factory in downtown Los Angeles, California 17 stores all over the US and over 300 employees. Paige also connects her business with multiple nonprofit charities like: charity water, surf aid, heal the bay, the flatwater foundation, and global citizens. The clothing brand also has partnerships with: Austin Music City Limits Music Festival, Lollapalooza, SXSW, Bottlerock, previous John Mayer concerts.

Wikipedia- Paige Mycoskie

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