Lesson 95 of Science

Hans Lipperphey was known to be the first person to make a description of the telescope. Soon after this description got around galileo galilei got word of it and chose to build one of his own. Galileo built a telescope with a 3x magnification rate. Around 1609 he made a telescope with a 33x magnification rate. Galileo discovered a few moons around Jupiter, craters on the moon, phases of venus and sun spots. The telescope captures light using a primary lens;the light gets focused on to a second lens that helps magnify the image on to the retina. The reason we are incapable of seeing some stars clearly with our eyes is because the image produced is too small for our retinas to see clearly but if our eyes were bigger we would be able to see it easier. The refracting telescope has both the primary and eyepiece lens and the eyepiece will flip the picture around; sometimes using this kind of telescope it can cause a rainbow halo effect. The reflecting also has both lenses and 1 or more miroirs.

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