Lesson 85 of science

In this week of science I learned more about water safety. There are different types of entry and approach ways of getting to the drowning victim; Beach, ease-in, leaping, feet first. When using a beach entry there is a sandy gradual slope when entering the water. You will want to start swimming once running gets too hard and throw first aid ahead if it will not float away. The ease-in method is used for more river-type waters. With this type of entry there will be more rocks, steep slopes, and murky water. You’ll want to wade through the water and watch for currents, drop-offs, and current changes. Once waters are at waist, swim the rest of the way. When using the leap in entry you will want to do this off of something like a dock or boat. When leaping in don’t jump higher than 3 feet. You’ll want the water to be at least 5 feet deep. The feet first entry is similar to the leaping one but when jumping you go to a sit-like position. When approaching your victim you must keep track of where they are and instruct them on what you need them to do. Once you’re about 8 feet away you will want to reevaluate what you need to do to keep the victim safe. Once you get the victim you. Will do one of two things: drag them up the shore or lift them up the shore. Dragging is more for sandy beach like shores. Lifting is for more rocky like shores

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