Lesson 80 of science

In this week of science we talked about the safety of being in the water and helping those who need help in the water. When helping other in the water you frost need to make sure you are perpared. Do you have the abilities to handle your self under water? Do you have a life jacket for yourself? Can you successfully drive a boat or a water raft? When preparing your self for these types of thing you must know that your safety is also important.cold water drains your strength. f the water is cold you will want to make sure you have a wet suit or at least a few layer of clothes, preferably wool. Make sure that if you are using a boat it has the right equipment. Does is contain life jackets or ropes? First-aid kit, flashlight, food, maps, extra clothing? When out on a boat you will want the boat to be organized, clear, and easy to get around.

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