Lesson 40 of personal finance

For this lesson we are to research and find a personal finance website that we think will help us the best. I feel as though Mint.com will be the best option for me. Mint allows me to use only one app instead of having to use multiple apps for multiple purposes including cash, credit, loans, and investments. Mint keeps track of all my subscriptions and will notify me if or when those subscriptions may increase, cancel, or change in price. It also has a customizable feature allowing me to create my own budgets and having them be the way I will need them to be. When customizing your own budgets Mint will automatically categorize your budgets together.mints easy categorizing system allows you to move freely across the app with easy  Mint finds and gives you different ways to save on certain budgets. It helps you make payments early and lets you know if you are late on anything. To insure your safety a 4 digit code is needed to check your account along with person verification systems. With the free credit score i can easily check my credit score freely within the app.

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