Lesson 65 of science

In this week of science we learned about SAR (Search and Rescue) operations and tactics. When being part of the search and rescue team your attitude is very important. SAR can be very hard on your mental health. When part of SAR you could possibly be in rough weather and you’re always carrying heavy equipment. You are always looking for clues to help find that person or people you are looking for. It is both mentaly and  physically exhausting. Patience is a big key in SAR operations. It will take some time to find what you are looking for. You need to be tough and keep a positive mental attitude. There are a few different types of clues there are physical clues such as footprints. Documentary clues such as places that person might have checked into such as different parks. Testimonial clues such as witnesses. Event clubs such as flashlights, a whistle or location aids and analytical clues such as clues the searcher knows about the person you’re searching. It’s important to take notes and document the things you have seen or noticed. When searching first look in  areas the person will most likely be such as roads, trails, buildings, or cabins. 

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