Science lesson 45

 Maintain a positive attitude in an emergency. When faced with an emergency, you can make wise decisions by not panicking and by thinking before acting. Your survival objectives can be met by adapting resources. Take a moment to consider your needs. Taking a closer look at what goes into making this tool is important. Take a critical look at your resources and make adjustments as needed to meet your goals. The number one thing you need shelter from is the weather. Your shelter needs will be determined by this. Your body heat can be insulated by finding a small, dry shelter or building one yourself. Don’t waste your energy and keep it simple. Stay away from cold surfaces such as the ground and cold structures. The cold ground is always the winner, so use a sleeping bag to insulate yourself instead. The energy that will be lost when you burn a fire must be weighed against the benefits of building a fire. In cold, wet, and shelter-less conditions, you need a fire to keep warm. The first step in building a fire is to experiment with different materials. You must remember that you are going to live no matter what happens if you are lost or injured. It is imperative that you take care of your brain so that you can survive. Despite the best efforts of food and water, you will not be able to survive if you lose the will to live.

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