Lesson 10 of personal finance

3 things i can change to use time better

In this week of personal finance I learned more about ways to manage and save time.One of the 3 things I can do to use time better is to schedule things I have to get done. So instead of spending all of my time on one thing I can set reminders to take breaks and switch between different things to give my brain a break. Second, putting away things that may distract me such as my phone. If I turn my phone off and put it out of sight then I might not feel like I need to check. When I can’t see it or hear it, it won’t distract me. Third, I can do the harder assignments first. When doing the harder assignments first it will be easier to do the easier assignment after. Plus, I won’t be so drained when it comes time to do the harder one. I can save my time and energy by shutting what i have to do that day, putting away things that may distract me and doing harder assignments first and the easier assignments after the hard assignments. 

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