Lesson 5 of personal finance

In this week of personal finance I learned about what will be happening in this year and going over what will be learned. I find that I rarely buy small expenses such as fast food, music, and apps etc. I never really find myself short of cash. There are a few ways of not being so short of cash that I think would help me save some money. like looking in more than one place or store before buying something to see if i could get a better deal. I also think I would save more money by not buying more than what I came for. if I went into a store to get 2 or 3 things I would only walk out with 4 things most of the time I would have more than that. Cutting down on small expenses would also benefit me by saving money. So instead of buying a lot of things that are like 3 or 5 dollars, I could save my money so one day I could buy something that I really want or need. I think it would benefit me if when I do go to a store I go straight to the section of the store I need to be at instead of wandering around and finding more things.

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