Lesson 130 of science

In this week of science we learned about gear and equipment for backpacking. One of the most important things for backpacking are sleeping bags. 2 different kinds of sleeping bags are down fill sleeping bags and synthetic sleeping bags. Down-filled sleeping bags are very warm and lightweight but they are expensive and must be kept dry. Synthetic sleeping bags are less expensive and are warm even when they are wet but they are heavier and bulkier. You will also want to invest in a sleeping pad when backpacking. A sleeping pad will help in comfort and ground insulation. A self inflating pad and a foam pad are some of the options. A foam pad is durable and light but bulky and not quite as comfortable as the self inflating pad. The self inflating pad is less bulky and more comfortable but is heavier and requires inflation. When having a tent you want it to be capable and mobile. You will want your tent to have vertical walls, space and waterproof. 

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