Lesson 125 of science

In the week of science we learned about backpacking. When backpacking you need a description of your route which includes your permit to go backpacking and a topographic map. You also need a set team of people you are going with. You will need a group leader, a navigator, a pace setter, and a sweep. The pacesetter goes in front of the group and sets the pace for the whole group. The pacesetter makes sure the goals for the day are accomplished but also considers the walking capability of the other travelers and should carry the first aid kit. The sweeper walks behind the group and makes sure every person is there and no ones left behind. You need to have a day-to-day schedule that shows the total distance you want to hike every day. Also you will need a list of food and equipment to bring such as essential items. You will also need an emergency plan. In your emergency plan you will need: 

  • ● The dates of your trip including when you are suppose to return
  • ● The location and route of your trip including a copy of your day-to-day schedule
  • ● The group leader and contact information
  • ● Local emergency numbers and parent or guardian numbers and local search and rescue
  • ● Indicate when emergency services should be activated
  • ● Directions to hospital and medical facilities.

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