Lesson 120 of science

In this week of science we learned about hot and cold emergencies and burns. The first signs of a heat emergency are heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is when someone’s body starts to heat up, they start to become more restless, start sweating a lot, may feel  light headed and dizzy.  Move the person experiencing heat exhaustion to a shaded area and let them sit down. A more serious emergency is heat strokes. With heat stroke the person’s temperature is rising and they have no way of controlling it. The brain will start to cut down blood supply to stop your body from sweating. Then since you are not sweating your body doesn’t have a way of letting the heat out. They will become unconscious very quickly. Someone with heat stroke must be cooled down using wet towels or hoses just something to cool down their body. Most importantly you must call 911. Hypothermia can start even when the body drops only 2 degrees under its normal temperature. With hypothermia never heating the body too quickly will bring the person to cardiac arrest. An easy way of heating the person is to use blankets.

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