Lesson 110 of science

In this week of science I learned about spinal injuries. With normal back pain you might have something like a strain or a sprain. Spinal pain can mean that your back is potentially or actually broken. If the spinal cord is cut it can not be repaired. For back pain you need to sit and rest and also contact your doctor or in more severe cases emergency services. For a spinal injury you must not move the patient. Make sure to tell the person to not move. Then support the head in its most neutral position and when approaching them do it in a way so they do not turn their head to look at you. When moving their head to its neutral position try not to cover their ears so they can still hear you. If you are the only one there to help, call someone to help. Send someone to call the emergency services and tell them that you are with someone who has hurt their back and you’re worried about spinal injury. Then don’t move them, talk to them and tell them not to move.

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