Lesson 105 of science 

In this week of science we learned how to take care of a gunshot wound and knife puncture. First make sure that the person’s clothes are removed from the affected area. if it is between the neck and the ribs it could have punctured the lungs and air might be coming out of the hole instead back through the lungs. Take a clean ziploc bag and cut a section that doesn’t have the closing side on it. Put this on the puncture wound and when they breathe it will make a suction. Using normal or whatever kind of tae you have tape done the cut plastic bag. If the puncture wound is in the stomach or pelvis area, cover with a bulky dressing pad to stop the bleeding. To control bleeding in the arm apply direct pressure if it is still bleeding use a bulky dressing pad if it is bleeding through you will have to take a wide bandage and tie it above the area with a simple overhand knot. Then take a pen and tie it to the wide bandage the same way. Then rotate the pen on the arm until the bleeding stops.then sucer the pen to the arm tightly so it doesn’t unravel. This way of handling the wound is a last resort and the person could lose their extremity from this. Do noy remove the object that punctured the person. Stable it in place

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