Lesson 95 of science 

In this week of science we focused on cpr for adults, kids, and infants. We also were learning about heart attacks and strokes. When someone is hurt or sick they will most likely need help before the medical team arrives. As a first responder you need to stay safe so that you are able to help the person in need. Staying safe includes drinking water, staying in shape. Always tell someone you trust where you are going and wear appropriate clothing for the weather. As a first responder, always stay calm and do not panic because if you are panicking you will not be able to help the victim and could possibly make the situation worse.

What you do in order:

  1. Determine what happened, if there are any additional risks or other victims
  2. Decide if professional help in needed if so all 911
  3. Approach the victim look for hazards, calmy introduce yourself and ask permission to help 
  4. Assess injuries
  5. Provide the first aid needed

Determine if the person is conscious or unconscious by taping on their shoulder or talking to them. Do the abc check airway, breathing, and circulation. Open the airway by tilting their forehead back and their chin up. Put your ear next to their mouth so you can feel and hear breathing. Put your hand on their chest or stomach to feel if it is going up or down. If the person has a spinal injury do not tilt the forehead back and the chin up perform jaw thrusts. If the person is not breathing perform chest compressions immediately. Make sure someone is calling for emergency medical help. The only time you stop cpr is if the medical team is there or if the victim is awake and has resumed normal breathing.

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