Lesson 85 of science

We learned about fitness and exercise during this week’s science class. We learned about balanced fitness. In the body, free radicals are produced and damaged cells are caused by too much exercise. To keep your body healthy while on a rigorous program you should eat fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. Electrical impulses are sent from your brain to your body. As a result of exercising, the connections between neurons in your brain will become stronger, resulting in more neurons. Exercise also improves your mental capabilities. A regular exercise program can increase your IQ, improve your grades, improve your concentration, and reduce your anxiety. Even if you get enough exercise each week, if you sit down for too long each day you can counteract the benefits of exercise. Those who sit down watching tv for mover 6 hours a day can cut their life expectancy down by 5 years. Sitting for two long periods of time can lead to diabetes 2, heart problems, and cancer. Taking breaks every 15-30 minutes will prevent diabetes 2, heart problems, and cancer.

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