Lesson 80 of science

During this week’s lesson, we learned about sprouts and their health benefits. A variety of health benefits can be gained from sprouts, including preventing scurvy. In addition to enzymes and carbohydrates, beans and seeds are packed with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. The nutrients in sprouts are easily absorbed by your body because they contain the original nutrients. As long as you do not cook them, sprouts will maintain their active chemical composition. In addition to enzymes and protein, sprouts also contain vitamins.

  • Vitamin A: Cabbage, mustard, clover, and pea sprouts
  • Vitamin C: Cabbage, lentils, mung, and adzuki sprouts
  • Vitamin A and C: alfalfa sprouts
  • Vitamin B complex: sunflower, alfalfa, almond, sesame, rye, and wheat sprouts.

Additionally, we learned about honey. Bees collect nectar to make honey. Bees transport nectar from flowers into their nest by carrying it in their stomachs. As soon as they reach the beehive, the bees regurgitate the honey. Honey is created when glucose and fructose are added to nectar in the stomachs of the bees. Wild honey is good for you because of the wild varieties the bees gather the honey from. The digestive enzymes in the stomach of bees produce chemical compounds in the nectar. Wild honey contains antimicrobial compounds and antibiotic properties. Wild honey is the best wound and infection fighter in the world. Wild honey is typically more potent when fighting infections and is healthier for you. Wild honey is made up of a wild variatie of necturus token from a variety of plants. Bees combined these nectars u in the hive and they end up having a richer synthesis of natural chemicals

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