Lesson 10 :Electronic Components and Theories

Electronic component control electrons in specific ways. Electronic components have two or more leads or terminals. Terminals Connect into a printed circuit board or a (PCB). The placement of the components is determined by the purpose of the circuit. Atoms are basically building blocks of matter. Adams (  atomos) means invisible. Atoms are made of subatomic particles.

  •  voltage means electrical pressure ( volts)  
  •  curtain means amount of electricity (amps)  
  •  resistance means resist current flow  (ohms

George Simon Ohm

ohm’s law

 George Simon Ohm is the originator of Ohm’s law. He was a German physicist and a mathematician. He also introduced Ohm’s law in 1827.

  •  amps X ohms = volts
  •  volts /  ohms =  amps
  •  Volts /  amps = Ohm
  •  volts X amps = Watts

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