Week 6 of weather

This is my last week of weather and I will be starting landscape architecture.This week I learned about how meteorologists forecast weather.

 Meteorologists use many tools to help them forecast weather such as a barometer. A barometer measures air pressure using mercury. There are 3 types of barometer a liquid barometer, a mercury barometer and an aneroid barometer. The higher the pressure the better the weather but when the  pressure is low that’s when there are more clouds, rain, thunderstorms, and even tornados and hurricanes. Another type of meteorologist tool is an anemometer. An anemometer is a tool that measures wind speed. There are a few types of anemometers but the most efficient one is the 3 cupped anemometer. An anemometer uses rounded bowls at a 45 degree angle to catch the wind. Another type of tool they use is a rain gauge. A rain gauge is a tool that meteorologists use to measure how many inches of rain we will get

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