Conservation week 5

Pollution is the biggest threat to animal and human kind. When humans litter or poor oil into the water that can kill all different types of life from whales to cyanobacteria. Most people know that cyanobacteria is a small organism that lives in water that generates over 50% of our oxygen. Then if cyanobacteria dies then we don’t have enough oxygen so we’ll die . So I feel that if humans didn’t litter or pour oil into water there would be cleaner drinking water and less animals going extinct. 

Instead of killing animals that look scary and intimidating to human life we should let them be animals meaning let them live in their habitat not in the zoo ,cages ,the circus or in houses. I get that we can have kittens and small dogs but not animals like tigers and lions and wolves or even reptiles. Those that do have indoor cats and dogs should let their dogs and cats go outside and come inside as they wish. 

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