essay lesson 70: carnivorous plants

This essay will be my last essay of plant science and I will be going on to a gardening section. 

In this week of plant science we talked about carnivorous plants, some carnivorous plants are:

  1. Snap traps
  2. Flypaper traps
  3. Pitfall traps

One of the most famous snap trap is the venus fly trap, this snap trap has 2 lobes with a mid rib separating them and on the snap trap there are tiny hairs called hair triggers and when on is hit it starts to close about half way but when 2 or more are hit then the plants snaps done and about 2 week later the plant reopens. The flypaper trap is a plant with sticky goo that stops bugs and small animals from leaving. There are two types of flypaper plants: the sundew genus and the butter wart genus. A pitfall plant is a plant that has a hole in the plant that has water inside that catches the bug. There is usually nectar around the edges that attracts bugs but when they get nectar they slip and fall in the water.

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