Essay Lesson 50: Two diseases and two pest that cacao trees have

The first disese is the witches broom which the fungus attacks the tissue causing the cacao tree to produce some branches the have nofruit of seeds. The second is the frosty opd rot which is when the fungus infects only actively growing tissue especially the young branches, it take about 1-3 mouths to see the appearance which is a white fungal mat on the surface of the pod.

The first pest is the mirids which pierce the surface of coca stems, branches, and pods killing the penetrated host cells and produce unsightly necrotic lesions. Mirids eating shoots often result in death in branches. The secound pest is the cocoa pod borer also non as (CPB) which atack both young and mature cocoa pods, infestation of young pods end in heavy loses because the quantity and quality of the cocoa beans become seriously affected.

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