Chicago Peace rose

the Chicago peace

The chicago peace rose is a beautiful golden pink color. The chicago peace is a multi colored rose that needs a lot of sunlight to grow but does well where the winters are frigid . This rose is a hybrid tea rose and is very glossy.

Bronze star

the bronze star/Rosa ‘Wezaprt’

The bronze star is also know as the Rosa ‘Wezaprt’ a hybrid tea rose and it has a Strong, spicy fragrance . The bronze star requires full sunlight.the bronze star is an apricot color and the foliage is medium green. 

Sunset horizon

sunset horizon

The sunset horizon is a fiery multicolored red and orange rose and is a is about 3-4 in. and requires full sunlight.

How to take care of roses

Soil should be kept evenly moist throughout the growing season. The amount and frequency of watering will depend on your soil type and climate.The best way to prevent rose diseases is to choose disease-resistant varieties.Roses will last the longest when they are cut immediately after the bud stage, when the petals are starting to open.Powdery mildew typically appears during the summer, especially when the days are hot and dry and the nights are cool and wet. The tell-tale signs include leaves that curl and twist and the development of a white, powdery down on the leaves. To avoid powdery mildew, water plants at ground level in the morning, Pruning a rose bush to allow air to circulate through the foliage also helps prevent this powdery growth.

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