Essay Lesson 40: Botany week 2

House plants

African violets also known as a saintpaulia. African violets bloom easily and can grow under artificial light. Chrysanthemums also known as mums originated from East Asia, there are  about 40 species of mums. The passion flower grows on vines and needs sunlight. Passion flower refers to Jesus Christ’s passion week. Poinsettias are great house plants but they need a warm environment and moist soil. The star on poinsettias symbolizes the star of bethleham. 

Interior environment

 Homes are cooler than natural plant environments and most pots prevent roots from spreading. Indoor plants may get over watered or not watered enough.Most plants need fertilizer and need darkness at night.

Plant life cycles

There are three different life cycles for plants, the first is annuels which means they live for only one year. The second is biennials which means they live for 2 years and the last is perennials which means they live for more than 2 years.

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