Essay Lesson 35: Botany week 1

There are several sub-disciplines within aboutany the first is agronomy which is farming the second is horticulture which is using plants for commercial purposes the third is floriculture which is growing flowers the fourth is forestry which is using forests .Then there is plant pathology  which is plant diseases ,plant taxonomy which is plant classification , and lastly paleobotany which is the study of old plants. Plants have many benefits they provide shelter ,paper, healthy food, oxygen, protect soil, and provide shade 

Primary plant categories

Seed plants are plants that produce seeds.Seed plants are either Gymnosperms or Angiosperms. Gymnosperms are a non flowering plant while on the other hand Angiosperms are. An example of Gymnosperms are evergreen trees, an example of Angiosperms are apple trees or oak trees. Another primary plant are the ferns; they have lacy green leaves that curl up. Ferns grow in moist forest areas. Then there is mosses, mosses are small plants that grow in moist areas like the forest floor. Then there are club mosses that have needle-like leaves. They live in moist areas like mosses  and they are vascular which means they have veins. And lastly the horsetails, they have jointed hollow stems and a cone shaped region on the top.

Plant parts

Roots typically are below ground unless they are aerial roots. All roots have little hairs that help absorb the water.Stems are above ground and support the plant. Leaves absorb and turn chemical energy into  oxygen they store water and food . The flower attracts the most attention and develops into fruit and seeds . fruit comes from a flowering tissue and enables the plant  to spread seeds . seeds contain there parts the seed coat the embryo and the nutrient supply .


There are 2 types of photosynthesis the first is oxygenic and the other is anoxygenic. Oxygenic means the plant breathes in carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. Anoxyganic means it inhales carbon but does not exhale oxygen.

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