Essay Lesson 25 : Mountains Glaciers and Deserts

There are lots of mountain ranges around the world, one of them is the ural Mountains . The Ural mountain is 1,550 ft. long and 20-90 miles wide. The Ural mountain range is the boundary between Europe and Asia.


Oragany is the creation of mountains which is built from the converging plate zone. There are three of these convergence the first is the ocean continent convergence. An example of this is the nazca plate going under the south american plate. The second is the arc-continent convergence this is when an island collides into a continental plate. The last on is the continent- continent convergence this is when two continents collide and the folded crust gets pushed in.


Glaciers can erode through mountains it is one of the primary ways mountains and land formations are eroded. Glaciers are formed by snow that is compacted together. Glaciers leave back sediment once it is melted.


Deserts can be hot and cold it just depends on whether it got 24 centimeters of water per year. Deserts tend to form 30 derges south and north of the equator this is because air et compressed and sucks up the moisture. That is why we have dry regions such as the sarharh desert.and oolong the equator human air drops and expand then gets cooler and persipitates  more. Deserts tend to have dry stream beds.

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