Essay Lesson 5: Geology Rocks

The three major types of rocks

1.  Igneous rocks

The first type of igneous rocks are volcanic rocks; they have basalt, vesicles (small holes), and microscopic crystals. The second one is plutonic; they are made of granite and big crystals.

2.  Sedimentary rocks

The first type of sedimentary rocks are shale rock; they are composed of mud and parallel layers the second is sandstone ;sandstone is composed of quartz and can be any color. 

3.  Metamorphic rock: The metamorphic  rocks change form they can be foliated which means they have a texture or they can be no foliated which means they do not have a texture.  The rock cycle 

The rock cycle starts with weathering this is when wind or rain transports rock from mountains and cliffs into streams, rivers or lakes. Then these rivers deposit the boulders or bigger rocks to a delta . Those rocks will get pressured from more rocks that are being pushed on top of them. Then the rocks go deeper into the earth’s crust and start to heat up. They will then start to melt and turn into lava. Once it turns into lava it will uplift slowly or fast  through a volcano . Once it cools ,the process all over again.They don’t have to happen in this order or sometimes they will only have a few of these steps completed.

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